Fiji downs defending FANCA champs NZ

August 18, 2022 10:05 pm

[Source: FANCA/ Facebook]

Fiji has rocked the defending champions of the FANCA Nations World Cup New Zealand, beating the side 2-0 at Prince Charles Park tonight.

Despite a goalless first half, Fiji was the better team as they had more goal-scoring opportunities in front of a massive crowd.

New Zealand on the other had only looked good on counterattacks, but the host’s defence was the difference.

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Both goals were scored in the second half by Zainal Ali and Mohammad Zaid.

Fiji also had the services of Zibraaz Sahib, William Valentine and Afraz Ali who now have won two games.

Meanwhile looking at some other results, Fiji Legends and New Zealand Legends drew 1 all, NZ Masters thrashed USA Masters 4-nil, while Canada and USA drew 1 all in the other main game.