Restart is the key: Fuli

May 20, 2022 4:00 am

One of the major shortfalls for the Fijiana 7s team in Langford was the efficiency in their restarts.

This is according to Head Coach Saiasi Fuli as the side readies for the upcoming Toulouse 7s tournament.

Fuli says this is a key area they will have to improve on to get better results.

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“Especially the kick-off receipts, we did a lot of work on that area. We lost a lot of balls in the kick-off and oppositions counter that situation and score points from it.”  

Apart from this Fuli adds game management is also important especially when the players are mentally fatigued or when pressure mounts during a game.

He says the team needs to learn to stay composed and be clinical with how they play.

Fijiana faces the USA in its first pool match tonight at 8.14pm.