Financial issues hindering Lami High’s preparations

March 9, 2023 6:17 am

Lami High School is pleading for financial support from businesss around their town.

According to assistant principal Josaia Tawakesaro, the school needs this assistance to give the athletes the fundamentals they need to flourish.

Tawakesoro says they’re struggling to meet some of the basic sporting needs.

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“We do need the financial support and urge all the business business around the Lami community. This is a request, we do really need your financial support in terms of financing the student in the sporting material they need.”

The school is thankful to businesses that came on board to support them last year and they hope to see more this year.

Lami is targeting medals in the zone meet after completing its inter-house with John Wesley College yesterday.

Meanwhile, Dudley High School will have their inter-house at the HFC Bank Stadium today.