Women encouraged in STEMP

February 29, 2024 6:19 am

There is a need to ensure that the pool of qualified female science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and physics professionals is available and entrusted to work in the energy sector.

The Permanent Secretary of Women, Eseta Nadakuitavuki, highlighted this yesterday in Suva.

The PS states that the ministry is looking to enhance and improve employment opportunities for women and empower them economically to contribute to the country’s growth.

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Nadakuitavuki says an expanded energy sector will also translate into greater economic empowerment by increasing women’s access to paid employment and skills training in clean energy-related endeavours.

Education is an essential means of empowering women with the knowledge, women with the skills and self-confidence necessary to fully participate in the development process. Sustainable development is only possible when women and men enjoy equal opportunities to reach their potential.

She also highlights that men usually dominate STEMP fields, however, women can excel and contribute to this sector if given the space.

The PS says that interest varies due to social influences, and there has been improvement in the treatment of women in science, but there is a long way to go.