Tourism Fiji urges cleanliness in picnic areas

February 23, 2024 12:15 pm

Suva seawall [File Photo]

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill is urging the public to maintain cleanliness in picnic and surrounding areas after using picnic spots during the public holiday.

Hill says that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep these spaces free from litter.

Tourism Fiji announced its partnership with the Pacific Recycling Foundation yesterday.

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Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill

Hill adds that coming from a tourism proposition it is in their best interest to keeping Fiji beautiful.

“On the weekends, public holidays if you go down to the beach afterwards or some of beautiful picnic spots there’s a lot of rubbish, you know Wailoaloa, Natadola, Pacific Harbor, Suva, so the onus is on all of us this is something that we all can do to look after our wastes and keep Fiji beautiful.”

Hill emphasizes the need for people to engage in conversations about maintaining a litter-free environment with friends, both at home and in the workplace, encouraging collective awareness of its importance.