Tailors note a surge in demand for Kalavata

December 6, 2023 12:04 pm

Tailors in Suva are bustling with activity, responding to a notable uptick in requests for custom-made attire, alterations, and unique designs.

As the festive season gains momentum, these skilled artisans are strategically managing their time to accommodate the rising demand, particularly for outfits like Kalavata.

Amidst this surge in demand, tailors like Sushila Annu are intricately managing their time, striving to accommodate every request while maintaining the quality and precision that characterizes their craft.

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“I can see that this year is a big difference, we are getting more customers in for sewing, like Ratu Sukuna Day since and all this functions we have plenty sewing to do.”

Labasa Tailor Nirmala Wati also shared similar sentiments with regards to the orders placed at her shop.

“When we do ready-made, if they like it they are going to buy it, otherwise they are going to buy their own materials and bring it over and I’ll sew it into whichever pattern they prefer.”

The tailoring hubs across Suva echo with the hum of activity as these skilled professionals meticulously work to meet the growing expectations for custom-made garments during this festive season.