SODELPA committed to coalition, wants Radrodro reinstated

January 26, 2024 1:10 pm

SODELPA Party Leader Viliame Gavoka

The Social Democratic Liberal Party has passed a resolution that they will plead with Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka to reinstate Aseri Radrodro as Education Minister.

This has been stressed by Party Leader Viliame Gavoka following their Management Board meeting this morning.

Radrodro was dismissed by Rabuka from cabinet on January 20th to be in effect from this Monday, citing insubordinations and disobedience to his directive.

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The dismissal was in relation Radrodro’s decision to terminate the appointment of the chairperson and three members of the Fiji National University Council, in May last year.

SODELPA party member Aseri Radrodro

Rabuka had directed Radrodro to reinstate these members, but claimed the SODELPA Member had not followed his directive and failed to give an explanation when requested.

However, in defence Radrodro and SODELPA Leader Gavoka have said that the directives were followed and all members were reinstated in September last year.

Gavoka says SODELPA believes they have a strong case.

“We believe that a number of issues were not clear, that some communication could have been better, and that in all, Hon. Radrodro has done exactly what was required of him by the Prime Minister and the charter of FNU.”

Gavoka revealed that all 30 Management Board members voted in favor of the resolution.

Some of these members include Ro Teimumu Kepa, iTaukei Affairs Minister Ifereimi Vasu, Watisoni Nata and General Secretary Viliame Takayawa.

He adds that the resolution was communicated to Rabuka straight after the meeting, adding they are not setting a timeframe for when they want an action to be taken.

“We know that the Prime Minister has a big heart, and he will take this on, and we believe that he will do justice to the resolution that we passed today.”

The SODELPA leader also assured full support for their coalition partners.

“The Management Board of SODELPA fully supports the coalition government of the day and the Hon. Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka.”

Gavoka says the support for Rabuka and the coalition government is to be made clear, and there should not be any ambiguity about it.

He also says there was zero discussion about joining FijiFirst.

SODELPA’s Working Committee Group has told media following its meeting last weekend that they will make a proposal to the Management Board to negotiate with FijiFirst.