Settlements request to be gazetted as villages in Rewa

July 20, 2022 9:12 am

iTaukei Affairs Board's Deputy CEO, Josefa Toganivalu

A few settlements have requested to be gazetted as villages in the province of Rewa.

The iTaukei Affairs Board’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Josefa Toganivalu, says the current requests are from four settlements in the province.

“The four settlements in the province of Rewa that have requested to be registered as villages are Nabaka, Wainawa and Namakala settlements in the District of Suva, and Naiseuseu settlement in the District of Sawau.”

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Toganivalu says a few months ago, some of these settlement requests had been approved.

He adds that one of the settlements whose request has been rejected is Togalevu.

Toganivalu further says those whose requests have been rejected are because they did not meet certain requirements in the criteria.

He has requested the Roko Tui Rewa and the Rewa Provincial Council to visit these settlements and assist them in the process of being gazetted as villages.