Seruiratu accuses government of politicized appointments

February 21, 2024 4:18 pm

Opposition Leader Inia Seruiratu

Opposition Leader Inia Seruiratu has voiced allegations against the Coalition government claiming that recent appointments across all levels of governance are heavily politicized.

According to Seruiratu, the government is accused of favoring fellow coalition party members for key positions bypassing established processes and procedures.

Seruiratu contends that the Coalition government in its bid to ensure political survival has been appointing political allies to top positions including Board members, Special Administrators and District Advisory Council members.

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He criticizes Ministers for allegedly absorbing their political cronies into various ministries without adhering to Civil Service processes.

The Opposition Leader highlights the apparent politicization in the highest ranks of the Civil Service, Public Enterprise Boards and Diplomatic appointments.

He claims that these appointments involving party supporters,sympathizers, financiers and unsuccessful election candidates are conspicuous and indicative of the government’s attempt to exert control over governance structures.

Seruiratu expresses concern over the potential repercussions of these alleged actions.

He argues that such appointments discriminate against qualified individuals who lack political backing.

He predicts adverse effects on service delivery, institutional strength and anticipates an increase in brain drain as trust in existing systems and processes erodes.

The Opposition Leader accuses the government of losing sight of the needs of the Fijian people that internal coalition dynamics have taken precedence over governance for the greater good.

He urges the government to refocus on addressing the concerns of the populace.

Drawing parallels with the post-2006 era, Seruiratu alludes to past criticisms of the Bainimarama government for the alleged militarization of the Civil Service.

He suggests that the recent appointments and postings under the current PAP-led Coalition government are reminiscent of these historical concerns.

Seruiratu notes the alarming rate of brain drain and migration attributing it to what he perceives as unfair and politically motivated appointments.

He questions the government’s commitment to being a fair and equal opportunity employer suggesting a departure from this ethos.

FBC News has sent questions to Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka on the allegations raised by Seruiratu but is yet to receive a response.