Rain and flooding affect people in the North

February 12, 2024 4:39 pm

[ Source : Fiji NDMO/ Facebook]

Tropical Depression 05F dumped a lot of rain over the Northern Division last night until this morning, especially in parts of Labasa causing major flooding.

Many residents had to evacuate or move their livestock to higher ground in the early hours of the morning, as nearby creeks and rivers overflowed.

While rain eased during the day, the Fiji Meteorological Service forecasts rainfall activity to increase again by later evening and into the night.

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[ Source: Fiji NDMO/ Facebook] 

Former District Advisory Councilor from Bulileka, Labasa, Satyawan Balram says they had prepared during the day time, but were still caught by surprise this morning.

“But seeing the heavy rain and the flooding of the creek, the massive flooding of the creek, I had no other option but to move my car at 11 in the night and then the other one again when I checked, so I had to move it out at 2 o’clock in the morning on the higher ground.”

Sereana Dibose from Bulileka Labasa says they did not send their children to school for safety reasons.

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[ Source: Fiji NDMO/ Facebook] 

“We woke up at half past five. We went to check if the children can go to school, but they couldn’t.”

Fish vendor Letila Deitamana from Soasoa, Labasa says she was unable to send her fish worth around $2, 000 to Suva.

“This bridge and the first bridge was fully flooded. It’s been like this from yesterday and we cannot sell anything today due to this weather, this flood. Even we cannot cross from home due to the flooded area.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner Northern, Uraia Rainima says some residents were evacuated early this morning.

“At 2 o’clock we tried to move some families from Nawadamu. They were taken down to the marine quarters and a few schools that we opened. There were four schools that we opened.”

Rainima warns that low lying areas have a high chance of flooding again tonight with rain remaining in the forecast.

“You see the flow of the river out to the sea is quite fast, but the discharge from the flooded areas into the main river, the flow is very slow. So I believe if there is a big rain in the next few hours, there’ll be a lot of flooding. Please children, keep away from the floodwaters and the drains and the occupants of the homes. Please take your things to the higher ground.”

The Fiji Meteorological Service says TD05F is a slow-moving system and it is expected to linger in parts of the southwest of the country over the next few days.