PSC chair emphasizes non-politicization of Civil Service

January 30, 2024 12:35 pm

Public Service Commission Chair, Luke Rokovada

The civil service has to be neutral, apolitical, responsive to the needs of the public, and free of political patronage.

Public Service Commission Chair, Luke Rokovada, says they do not want the civil service to be politicized, as he believes it is against the conventions.

Rokovada says the Civil Service is there to serve the government of the day, irrespective of people’s political affiliation.

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“We are not here to serve people only because of their party loyalty and those sorts of things. That has finished after the election. Everybody should be treated equally. The government is there for everybody.”

Rokovada says there are many things and issues that need to be addressed to help the public get faster service.

He says these include improving productivity of the public service system, and make progress in developing the country.