Primary healthcare is vital says WHO

October 3, 2023 12:28 pm

A robust primary healthcare system demands substantial investments to guarantee the presence of a proficient workforce, sufficient pharmaceuticals and supplies, as well as appropriate infrastructure for service delivery.

Addressing attendees at the “Transforming Primary Healthcare in Fiji” workshop, Dr. Mark Jacobs, the World Health Organization’s Representative to the South Pacific, asserts that these investments will yield substantial benefits.

Dr. Jacobs acknowledges Fiji’s significant strides in numerous health-related areas, but he underscores that Fiji, alongside other Pacific nations, confronts numerous ongoing challenges.

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He affirms the WHO is prepared to extend its support to facilitate the transformation of primary healthcare services for the people of Fiji.

“When primary health care systems are strong, money and lives are saved, and health systems work better. When primary health care is also implemented, health systems are more resilient to climate or pandemic shocks when primary healthcare is implemented.”

Dr Jacobs says building and maintaining strong, resilient primary health care requires leadership, clear strategies, and action.

He adds that they are committed to working together to provide comprehensive health service access, quality, and equity of care, considering Fiji’s changing health needs and growing non-communicable disease burden.