PRF celebrates Waste Picker Day

March 4, 2024 5:12 am

[ Source : Pacific Recycling Foundation / Facebook ]

The Pacific Recycling Foundation celebrated International Waste Pickers’ Day by standing in solidarity with the Collection Pillars of Recycling (CPR), formerly known as Waste Pickers.

Led by PRF Founder Amitesh Deo and CPR, a delegation is currently in Nepal for the Inaugural International Waste Pickers Alliance Asia Pacific Coordination Meeting.

Deo reiterated the vital role of waste pickers in recycling and the need to recognize and support their contributions.

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The meeting’s objective is to bolster the influence of the International Waste Pickers Alliance (IAWP) in the region, focusing on Just Transition, Zero Waste, Livelihood and Social Protection.

With approximately 20 million waste pickers globally, PRF is researching to shed light on their efforts and challenges, renaming waste pickers as Collection Pillars of Recycling in 2022 to combat stigma and advocate for their rights globally.

PRF stands in solidarity with waste pickers, urging for their acknowledgement as environmental heroes and catalysts for change.