NFA CEO proposes overhaul of SOP’s

April 2, 2024 4:27 pm

Suva Fire Station [File Photo]

The need to revise fire stations standard operating procedures has been highlighted by National Fire Authority Chief Executive Puamau Sowane.

He pointed out various challenges faced by the 21 stations under the NFA’s jurisdiction, including inconsistencies in SOP adherence and operational shortcomings.

Highlighting the importance of robust SOPs at firefighting sites, Sowane emphasized the necessity of proper attire and adherence to protocols.

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“When we don’t have proper procedures in place, it can come back and haunt management because we need to put all these SOPs in place.”

NFA CEO, Puamau Sowane

Sowane warned of the serious consequences of inadequate procedures, citing potential liabilities for management in the event of firefighter injuries or fatalities.

He states that the push to strengthen SOPs within NFA stations is seen as a crucial step towards improving operational efficiency and ensuring personnel safety.

The CEO adds that the team is trying to proactively mitigate risks and optimise firefighting capabilities in Fiji.