Natural Disaster

Flooding forces Ba businesses to close

January 3, 2023 1:15 pm

[Source: Fiji NDMO / Facebook]

The majority of businesses in Ba are closed due to flooding.

Chair of the Ba Special Administration Anil Amin says there was heavy rain from last night into the early hours of this morning which has caused flooding in parts of the town.

He says for now rain has eased however they expect it to pick up again later in the day.

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Amin says most businesses that are still open are slowly packing up and getting their shops ready if the situation gets worse.

“Of course, the rain has stopped for a while. Yeah, the main street is clear at this point in time and we only hope that it doesn’t continue to rain so that we can still have safety.”

According to Amin, they are also aware of the next high tide which is at 4 pm.

He says at this stage they are calling on business owners to take precautionary measures.