Ministry plans financial literacy boost for rural Fijians

March 11, 2024 4:29 pm

[File Photo]

Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Sakiasi Ditoka says his Ministry is actively pursuing financial empowerment for Fijians in rural and maritime communities.

Ditoka says the Ministry plans to collaborate with both public and private organizations throughout the year to enhance financial literacy in these areas by leveraging their expertise.

The Minister highlights that while rural communities are abundant in resources, they continue to grapple with high poverty rates and persistent rural-urban migration.

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Ditoka emphasizes the need to address disparities by implementing initiatives aimed at empowering rural communities and harnessing their resources to generate wealth.

“We are encouraging and supporting the establishment of more cooperatives so that the idea of Solesolevaki is maintained and enhanced. This is the strength of our rural people, and we need to maximize those strengths with more income-generating activities and nurture them to become self-reliant and move away from the dependency culture that was a common practice in the last 10 years.”

Ditoka says that his Ministry is currently engaged with the government of Korea to pilot two development initiatives.

“Under the program, our rural and maritime dwellers will be trained on financial literacy, savings culture, community leadership, and income generation projects.”

Ditoka states that they will utilize their Rural Help Program and Rural and Outer Island Development Program to enhance their efforts for financial literacy and market access.