Meth may have already hit streets: Turaga

February 12, 2024 12:54 pm

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga indicated today the possibility that some methamphetamine from the recent drug seizures in Nadi had entered the streets before police conducted the two raids last month.

Turaga hinted at this while opening the Border Control Training in Suva.

The Attorney General stated that he was briefed on an update on the investigation by the Police in Nadi last week.

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“There have been three separate incidents of people been charged in Suva for possession of illicit drugs namely ice. What was transported from the yatch to the truck and the picture of what was on that truck does not match what was captured by the police. So basically means that most of that is out on the streets.”

Turaga expressed alarm and shock at what happened.

He emphasized the massive potential impact this drug could have on the country.

The Attorney General stressed that the drug problem in the country needs to be promptly addressed and called on people to report any dealings they come across.

Turaga told border officers that their roles are critical in safeguarding the nation.