IWA President’s claims disputed by Health Minister

April 18, 2024 4:10 pm

Health Minister Dr Atonio Lalabalavu has clarified that the projects by the International Women’s Association at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital was put on halt as they are awaiting were the completion of finalizing guidelines for donations.

He was responding to a statement from IWA President Judy Compain as she claimed that the Ministry had excluded the association from projects.

Dr Lalabalavu says the projects were paused as the CWM Board of Visitors are working on their paperwork in this regard.

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The Minister affirmed that IWA has not been barred from conducting charitable activities at CWMH.

“There was an email given, but it was not to remove the organization, IWA, from doing charitable work at CWM.”

IWA has been assisting the ministry with upgrading facilities at the CWM’s Maternity and Children’s hospitals, the Oncology Ward and Saint Giles Hospital.

In a statement, Compain claimed that they had received a letter stating that the Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services had approved measures to restrict the IWA’s involvement with the CWMH.

Questions have been sent to IWA to seek their response on this matter.