Industry-based wage councils to be reinstated

February 20, 2023 6:09 am

The Coalition Government will work very closely with its tripartite partners through effective social dialogue and genuine consultation.

Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh while speaking in parliament highlighted that the re-establishment of tripartite wages councils to determine minimum wages for different sectors of the economy will no doubt be welcomed by the workers.

Singh says they will work with stakeholders to reinstate all industry-based wage councils in the country.

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“Re-establishment of the 10 industry-based councils will see that workers, employers and government are able to come together and determine a decent minimum wage for the different sectors.”

Singh says the ministry stands ready to assist stakeholders in achieving productive employment.

The Employment Ministry has also re-established the diminished Tripartite Forum, with the equal appointment of representatives from government, employers, and trade unions.