Indian High Commission unveils plans for Fiji

January 15, 2024 6:16 am

Indian High Commissioner Palaniswamy Karthigeyan

The Indian High Commission has a lot of plans lined up this year for Fiji.

This is according to the Indian High Commissioner, Palaniswamy Karthigeyan.

He says that the previous year was very fruitful due to the visits from the Foreign Minister and their State Minister for the World Hindi Day and Girmit Day celebrations, respectively.

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“We expect a lot of action this year, including taking forward this prestigious project of our 100-bed speciality hospital in Fiji for the entire Pacific island countries and a hugely stepped-up capacity-building program.”

The High Commissioner also states that under the Sagar Amrit scholarship, Fiji will be allocated 100 more scholarships this year.

He says that discussions are currently underway through the diplomatic channels, and more activities are lined up on the bilateral front this year.