Handicraft Center increases efforts to improve livelihoods

May 25, 2023 4:49 pm

The Nasomo Ra Marama Handicraft Center has increased its efforts to improve the livelihood of women as they have recruited and trained the second lot of trainees from Somosomo Village, Taveuni, in Cakaudrove.

The handicraft center was established in 2018, and it provides training to women on making jewelry and handicrafts from mother-of-pearl shells.

Supervisor Elenoa Seniloli says COVID-19 brought about a lot of changes, and it is for this reason that they had to recruit and train more women at the handicraft center.

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“Initially, ten women were trained on making jewelry and handicrafts from mother-of-pearl shells. Five women have pulled out of the project. We have recruited another four women into the project.”

Seniloli says this has also provided opportunities to advance for existing employees, as they have been offered trainers’ training at the handicraft center.

She says operations at the handicraft center have picked up after COVID-19.

Nasomo Ra Marama Handicraft Center is based in Somosomo Village, Taveuni, and is operated by the members of the women’s club in the chiefly village.

It supplies mother-of-pearl-based jewelry and handicrafts to locals and tourists in hotels, cruise ships, and other markets on Taveuni.

The initiative was funded by the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research and supported by Civa Fiji Pearls Limited.