Government machinery cultivates hope in Cicia

January 6, 2024 7:19 am

Cicia Island [Source: Josaia Cakacaka]

The villagers of Cicia Island in Lau are grateful for the assistance provided by the Ministry of Agriculture in leveling their land through machines.

Finding flat lands for planting has always been a challenge for the villagers.

Turaga ni Koro of Nakorovou in Naceva Village, Ledua Koto is grateful for the support, as the land preparation for agricultural purposes has been made easier.

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“We would like to acknowledge the government for assisting our village in the preparation of the land to allow us ample space for planting our root crops, this will enable us to plant more so we can not only sell our produce but also help us sustain our families and the little communities that we live in.”

Mabula farmer Nafilitalai Vakacegu says this will assist them in terms of commercial farming.

“We would like to thank the ministry for this assistance as this development has made things easier for us, in this island we have a lot of rugged terrain and high hills and it’s been difficult to plant in it and now everything is made easier for us and for that we thank the government of the day.”

The Ministry’s Regional Manager Nimilote Waqa says they are focusing on the development of farming lands for the maritime islands to sustain their livelihoods.