FNU appoints new council members

February 24, 2023 2:09 pm

The appointment of the new Fiji National University Council members is done in compliance with the FNU Act, says Education Minister Aseri Radrodro.

He says the University has seen a shakeup in its council members over the last week.

Doctor Kesaia Seniloli is the new Chair while Semesa Karavaki is the Deputy Chair.

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Other members include Doctor Priscilla Puamau, Ravindra Nair, Navin Shayam, Ofa Swann, Doctor Enasio Morris, Pravinesh Singh, Peter Zinck, Selina Likutekula Vatuvoka, Doctor Alisi Talatoka Vudiniabola and Veniana Naqasima.

Radrodro states that the council members were selected based on their areas of expertise in teaching, legal, finance, health, and social sciences professions, as well as gender balance.

Radrodro states that the changes to the FNU council align with the government’s focus on ensuring Fiji’s universities train individuals and equip them with the skill set and character to support Fiji’s national development goals through a competitive human resource sector.

He also stressed the importance of FNU updating the government monthly on the review of its programs, viability, further development, expansion, and necessary restructuring, while supporting the national education agenda.

The newly appointed council members will serve a three-year term.

The Minister states that the government will continue to support FNU through funding and policy guidance in recognition of its integral role in developing Fiji’s human resource sector.

Radrodro emphasized that education is vital in building Fiji’s current and future human resource capacity, and FNU must respond to the needs of students who choose the university.

He encouraged council members and FNU staff to prioritize students as their primary customers and impart them with knowledge, skills, and character that last long after their university education.