Environment conservation to address climate impact

July 23, 2022 12:40 pm

Yaubula committees.

Yaubula committees are at the forefront of environmental conservation in the province of Rewa.

Roko Tui Rewa, Kitione Raibevu says the Rewa Provincial Council’s conservation officer together with the Yaubula committee are working to protect the environment through the use of traditional knowledge and practices.

“Nature-based solutions, something that the community can do that was done by the elders to protect the environment rather than relying solely on government assistance and government programs. So, that is the importance of having the yaubula committees and effective and efficient in service delivery on those yaubula committees in the respective village forums.

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Raibevu says some villages in the province are faced with challenges caused by climate change and this is their first step to protecting the environment.

He says they are taking the first step before they receive any form of government assistance or program.

Raibevu adds that the Yaubula committee has proven effective with its efficient service delivery in their respective villages by using nature-based solutions.