NDP to help shape future workforce skills

June 22, 2024 12:32 pm

[File Photo]

The government’s three, five, and 20-year development plans will play a huge role in helping to identify the types of skilled people universities will need to produce.

Higher Education Commission of Fiji Chief Executive Dr. Rohit Kishore says the NDP is a forward-looking vision that will outline how the country aims to prosper.

Dr. Kishore believes that the economy’s demands will continue to change, and all stakeholders have to move forward in a structured way.

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“The whole country, can you see it coming from the top? The vision, right vision, what the country wants from the economy, where it’s going, five-year, 10-year, 20-year plan, coming down, what sort of people we want, which is HR development plan, how we want our skills.”

Dr Kishore says this information is being fed to universities and other educational institutions.

“This national development plan will give a very clear picture of where the country wants, how the economy is going to shape and reshape, and what sort of, how the sectors will develop in future, and what sort of human talent they want, and then it’s our job, the universities and the institutions, to look into it, put it in our curriculum, and provide them.”

The Higher Education Commission is working closely with universities to review their programs so that it suits the industry needs.