Early birds flock into town for back-to-school shopping

January 9, 2024 4:41 pm

Early birds flocked into town to prepare their children for the 2024 academic year, following the disbursement of the $200 back-to-school assistance today.

Labasa Town was a hive of activity with parents who did not leave their preparation to the last minute, as they utilized the aid offered by the government.

A father-of-two, Liquet Ali acknowledges the initiative saying it has come at an unprecedented time.

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[Liquet Ali]

“So, it is very nice to have the assistance … very timely in the need of people. We appreciate the government, it is very good to have it. It is something they give for people to revive in this hard time. So, we really appreciate the assistance.”

Another parent, Inise Rarasea says the assistance has lifted a weight off her shoulder.

[Inise Rarasea and her children]

“It has really helped us a lot, given the high cost of living today. The $200 back-to-school assistance is really timely to prepare my children for school this year.”

A significant number of businesses anticipate a boost in their operation in the coming weeks, as shoppers take advantage of their products and services.

$40.2 million has been paid to 200,760 students as part of the $200 back-to-school assistance, an initiative by the Coalition Government to assist parents and guardians to prepare their children for school.

The 2024 academic year commences on Monday, 29 January.