Ditoka hears issues affecting Taveuni’s growth

January 24, 2024 6:18 am

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Minister, Sakiasi Ditoka, during his visit to Taveuni, heard various concerns, such as deteriorating infrastructure, theft of crops, insufficient drinking water, and police involvement in drug-related problems.

In response, Ditoka assured the community that Taveuni is a top priority for the coalition government because of its importance to the overall economy.

Station Officer Viliame Maivusa of Waiyevo Police Station outlined the nature of cases they handle regularly, shedding light on the challenges faced.

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“In cases of theft of grog and dalo, some cases we have detected, but most of them, the suspects are not known.”

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

Taveuni District Officer Abdul Hakim emphasizes the need for a complete overhaul of Waiyevo Wharf to ensure passenger safety. He also brought attention to other pressing issues.

“The quarters, its general conditions, I believe for the past 15 or 16 yearts, there were no renovations done in any quarters in Taveuni. Sir for your information, the quarters in Taveuni, the general condition of the quarters, its in a very bad state because for the past 15 to 16 years there were no renovation.”

Rural and maritime development Sakiasi Ditoka says they are committed to resolving these challenges and recognizing the potential of Taveuni in agriculture and tourism.

“We are looking to see how or what we can do to support you in all that you do, to make sure that Taveuni remains the successful model of progress that we want it to be for the rest of Fiji. You provide a lot to the nations GDP, and we believe that we also owe you the support that you need.”

Taveuni contributes $30 million to Fiji’s GDP, and the government is keen on addressing the island’s concerns to foster its economic growth.

The Minister will be visiting other parts of the island to see first-hand the progress made by the people there.