Damodar Cinemas boost digitization

March 4, 2024 2:59 pm

Damodar Cinemas is moving towards digitization as a quarter of their tickets sales are done on Vodafone Fiji’s M-PAiSA platform.

Chief Executive Div Damodar expressed this today with the reintroduction of the “Wednesday Blockbuster Movies with M-PAiSA 2024” in Suva today.

Damodar says sale through the online payment platform boosts convenience for their customers.

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“We have noticed now the digital economy has grown very big, the main reason is the efficient technology investment by Vodafone when it comes to M-PAiSA and until now with Damodar cinemas we have noticed at least 25% of all ticket sales are done on M-PAiSA.”

Damodar adds that this is being done in an effort to boost and incorporate digitalization into the movie going experience.