Changes for Police force as Australia assists

June 7, 2024 1:05 pm

Home Affairs Minister, Pio Tikoduadua

The Fiji Police Force has been put on notice by Home Affairs Minister, who is turning to Australia to assist in bringing professionalism and reset of values.

Home Affairs Minister, Pio Tikoduadua says there is an urgent need for the profile of the force to lift and serve the people.

He has announced that there will be a new overarching strategy, along with a new Fiji-Australia Policing Memorandum of Understanding.

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Australia will also provide several individuals to be embedded into our Police force, to assist in capacity building.

This will be in the areas of intelligence, human resources, strategic and operational planning.

Tikoduadua will also be appointing a mentor for the new Police Commissioner, who he says will be announced very soon.

He adds there will be a reset of core values within the force with officers expected to carry out their duties as required any officer not complying will not be tolerated.

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