Acting COMPOL reminds officers of role

June 1, 2023 11:25 am

[ Source: Fiji Police Force/Facebook]

Acting Commissioner of Police, Juki Fong Chew has reminded the officers attending the Inspector Course to change their mindset in understanding their roles as leaders.

Twenty-eight officers are attending the Inspector Course while 43 are taking part in the Corporal Qualifying Course for four weeks at the Fiji Police Academy in Suva.

Fong says their minds have always been taught or programmed to think that a Police Constable, Corporal or anyone who is not tagged to a managerial post is not a leader.

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[ Fiji Police Force/Facebook]

However, he adds policing is a profession where the officers are expected to make decisions on the go.

Fong reminded the officers that at times they won’t have the luxury of time to refer back to their Unit Commanders for advice, and have to make a decision in what could be a life or death situation.

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[ Fiji Police Force/Facebook]

The Acting Commissioner also highlighted that promotions are not only linked to higher ranks, but increased levels of accountability.

He urged the officers to never lose focus on their roles and responsibilities as law enforcement officers.