Avatar: The Way of Water Has a Naruto and Boruto Dilemma

January 5, 2023 3:34 pm

[Source: CBR]

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Boruto series has been the initial drama between the titular character and Naruto. The kid just couldn’t get along with his father, despite truly admiring him. A lot of it had to do with Naruto being obsessed with work as the Hokage — a leadership role he’d dreamed of for years as a teen.

Still, Boruto just couldn’t understand why Konoha came first, which was admittedly a bit selfish. Interestingly, with James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water now out, it has a nuanced arc similar to this, which puts the ex-Marine-turned-Na’vi in Jake Sully at odds with his own son, Lo’ak.

Now, in the Naruto franchise, fans learned how crucial the Hokage position was. It was meant to defend the Hidden Leaf in terms of politics, diplomacy and war. It’s why the likes of Hashirama Senju sacrificed so much, as well as Tobirama and Hiruzen Sarutobi. Minato (Naruto’s father), Lady Tsunade, and Kakashi Hatake also gave a lot to the role, influencing Naruto to use the mantle to unite the free shinobi world.

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He did just that, laboring to ensure it would remain perfect as he grew older. Sadly, Boruto acted out, becoming a whiny brat, to the point he even cheated during the ninja exams. Part of it was to rebel, but deep down, it was so his dad would acknowledge him. He did want approval, at the end of the day.

In addition, the idea of being Naruto’s son heaped pressure on Boruto to succeed, ergo why he became this jester and village clown. Thankfully, he’s since matured and patched things up with his father after battling the likes of the Ōtsutsukis. Even so, Boruto doesn’t want the role of Hokage, preferring to leave that to someone else in terms of succession.

In Avatar 2, Lo’ak feuds with his dad similarly. It seems like the typical teen angst at first, and an overzealous kid who wants to impress as a soldier against the humans. Sadly, he’s endangering his clan with his antics, forcing his destiny as a possible Chosen One. In The High Ground prequel comic reveals more insight, confirming Lo’ak was always rash and a liability in the field because he worried about living up to Jake’s past as the Toruk Makto (the revered leader who saved the jungle tribe in the first movie).

Lo’ak buckles under pressure, which leads to him going off on treacherous missions, trying hard to be a badass. It informs how risky he’d be in weapons heists in the film, cementing that he’s got no patience and is rather juvenile. It’s why Jake repeatedly chides and grounds him on-screen, which can be seen in the prequel.

Jake just wants him to take the job on Pandora seriously, but Lo’ak can’t, dragging the sea tribe they move to when they hide from Colonel Quaritch into trouble, too. Ultimately, while Boruto’s actions never cost anyone their life, Lo’ak being stubborn would result in his older brother’s (Neteyam) death in The Way of Water. Hopefully, he learns from it and grows, especially as Jake has realized he has to be a better father to his family. It took Naruto some time to understand this and heal his bond with his son, which can be remixed in Avatar to have Lo’ak earn his succession.