Women entrepreneurs drive economic development

January 3, 2024 6:35 am

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Women Entrepreneurs Business Council Chairperson Sharyn Fong has highlighted how women in Fiji are taking charge and making significant strides in establishing their own businesses.

Fong emphasized the importance of women entrepreneurs not only in the context of economic development but also as a force driving collaboration and innovation in the business landscape.

She dismissed the notion of challenges for women in business, preferring to focus on the myriad opportunities available in the market.

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“There’s a lot of opportunities out there in the market. And you know since COVID, I see more collaboration happening between women businesses.”

Fong observed a growing trend of collaboration among women entrepreneurs, citing examples of joint ventures where individuals with diverse skills come together to create successful enterprises.

Whether it’s baking, decorating or other specialized tasks, she sees these collaborations not only among women but also with other entrepreneurs and MSMEs, fostering a spirit of cooperation that transcends gender boundaries.

As more women actively engage in business ventures, Fong encourages prospective female entrepreneurs by stressing the potential for fruitful collaborations and the wealth of opportunities awaiting them in Fiji