Vodafone to pilot 5G network testing

February 23, 2024 6:34 am

[ Source : Vodafone Fiji ]

Vodafone Fiji is confident that the successful testing of the 5G pilot network will open the path for widespread adoption of 5G services, hence improving overall connectivity and promoting economic growth in Fiji.

This as a non-commercial license to carry out extensive user testing on its 5G pilot network has been awarded by the government to Vodafone Fiji.

Vodafone Fiji Acting Chief Executive Rajnesh Prasad says this is an important step towards ensuring their network is prepared for the commercial rollout of 5G services in the region.

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Prasad highlights the government’s dedication to promoting technical innovation and enhancing connectivity throughout Fiji.

“Definitely, 5G is much faster than 4G, so it’s about ten times faster than 4G. That would mean customers will have a better data experience when they start using 5G on our network. That would mean lower latency, faster streaming, you’ll be able to stream HD and 4K.”

Prasad reaffirms that there is no harm to human life or the environment from the 5G network.

“In terms of research done by WHO, there is no adverse effect of 5G on people. It is similar to the existing network like 2G, 3G and 4G so those network do not have any impact on customer’s health, no proven impact on customer’s health. Similar research have been done on 5G and there is no adverse effect on any human being regarding deployment of a 5G network.”

The public is excitedly anticipating the launch of this new 5G network.