Rosie Holidays launches first ever electric vehicle fleet

April 19, 2024 5:57 am

[Source: Rosie Holidays Fiji]

Locally owned and one of the biggest travel operators Rosie Holidays has rolled out the nation’s first fleet of electric tourist passenger vehicles.

Speaking at the launch last night, Deputy Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka hailed the integration of electric vehicles (EV) into Fiji’s tourism transportation network as a paradigm shift towards environmental conservation.

He emphasizes that this move represents more than just technological advancements, it reflects a commitment to combat climate change and reduce carbon footprints.

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[Source: Rosie Holidays Fiji]

Gavoka commends Rosie Holidays for their proactive approach and partnership with sustainable energy leaders, stating that each electric vehicle in their fleet symbolizes progress towards a more sustainable future.

“We understand that responsible tourism is not a choice, but an imperative, a delicate balance between visual experiences and environmental conservatism. We believe that sustainable tourism is an ongoing journey, one that demands constant innovation and an overwhelming dedication to conserving our natural heritage.”

Rosie Holidays Managing Director Tony Whitton echoed Gavoka’s sentiments, emphasizing the company’s dedication to sustainability and the preservation of Fiji’s pristine environment.

[Source: Rosie Holidays Fiji]

Whitton highlights that this initiative marks the first step towards their goal of transitioning to a 100% fleet of zero-emission vehicles.

He says as a Fijian family-owned company, sustainability and the preservation of the environment is paramount.

The company invested $1m to bring in three electric vehicles.