Fiji eyes more investments from India

January 29, 2024 4:24 pm

DPM and Minister for Tourism, Viliame Gavoka

Fiji anticipates increased investment opportunities from India, particularly in the realms of tourism, healthcare infrastructure, and filmmaking.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Viliame Gavoka, expressed this sentiment following his official visit to India.

During his trip, Gavoka engaged with various officials and entrepreneurs, highlighting the expectation of significant contributions from renowned brands such as Taj Hotels and Oberoi Groups to further bolster Fiji’s economic landscape.

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“The signs are very positive and I’ve linked them up to investors so that we can see some big brands here in Fiji. But as an indication of how they hold Fiji, people of India very high. Fiji is held in high esteem in India because they say our diaspora live in Fiji.”

Gavoka adds the anticipated influx of investments not only signifies a boost to Fiji’s economy but also underscores the growing partnership between the two nations.