Toganivalu chooses different path

February 13, 2023 7:00 am

Solei Kikau Toganivalu.

Coming from a rugby fanatic family, Solei Kikau Toganivalu is taking a different course and choosing netball.

Toganivalu who is the niece of NRL sensation Viliame Kikau is one of the players in the Fiji Pearls extended squad and eyeing a spot in the upcoming Netball World Cup.

This budding Pearls hopeful share her family’s love for sports and is one of the reasons she’s pushing for a ticket to the World Cup.

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“My family, they’ve done a lot for me and made a lot of sacrifices and this is my way of giving back to them and yeah making them proud. To make the team, that would be an honor and a privilege and to have my family surname on the back of my dress, to represent them and play for them and do everything for them.”

The 18-year-old Australia-based youngster has done her own training program and says being in the Pearls environment has taught her a lot.

“The girls, they push you all the time which is something that you need in this team and that’s what they’ve given. They’re great, they’ve taught me a lot as well as I hope I have taught them some things that I have learnt in Australia but having the experienced players is an honor cause when I go back to Australia, I have learnt new things here so yeah”

The Fiji Pearls will be having another camp on the 20th of this month.