LTA to implement stricter measures amidst rising road fatalities

November 17, 2023 1:02 pm

Accident in Laqere yesterday afternoon

The Land Transport Authority will tighten internal controls and audits on the issuance of driver’s licenses and driving schools as concerns have been raised over the escalating numbers of road fatalities in recent weeks.

Board Chair Inosi Kuridrani emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue, citing instances of drivers flouting road safety regulations and engaging in hazardous driving practices that put lives at risk.

Kuridrani says LTA will intensify current efforts during the festive season to curb this dangerous trend of reckless driving behaviours and blatant disregard for the safety of the public on our roads.

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“LTA cannot just sit back and watch so we are trying to review all our processes, policies and regulations to make some deterrent factors are in place so that we can reduce the level of road fatalities and accidents.”

Kuridrani says the Land Transport Authority will increase awareness about road safety and the enforcement of rules and standards in the public space.

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He says they will strongly advocate for drivers, pedestrians, and passengers to take heed of road safety advisories and avoid reckless driving behaviours.

The LTA Board Chair has also emphasized the need for a united front against reckless driving, stating that the LTA will take a strong advocacy stance to encourage compliance with road safety measures.