Improving Fiji’s cyber capabilities

February 26, 2024 4:40 pm

The launch of the Cyber Security Capacity Maturity Model for Nations. [Source: Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives, SMEs and Communications]

The cyber landscape in the country is evolving, and there are certain challenges that exist now that were not evident in 2015.

This has been highlighted by Director General of Digital Government Transformation, Tupou’tuah Baravilala, during the launch of the Cyber Security Capacity Maturity Model for Nations.

Baravilala highlights the need to leverage Fiji’s cyber capacity to tackle evolving challenges and stresses the importance of involving stakeholders in the CMM review.

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“Cyber security is a collective responsibility, so really making sure that everyone in the room is aware of the efforts we’re undertaking but also co-designing and being a part of developing the way forward in terms of finding out the gaps but also the solutions that we need to address holistically as a nation”.

Minister for Communications, Manoa Kamikamica, highlights the importance of cooperation in the cyber security journey.

“It is essential to foster open dialogue and cooperation, I urge all participants to engage in the forthcoming sessions with the OCSC team, exploring Fiji’s current position on the cyber journey and identifying priorities for the future”.

Deputy British High Commissioner Nicola Noble emphasized that the UK government is committed to improving Pacific cyber capabilities.

“The UK has been pleased to cooperate with international partners to promote and support the development of cyber security in the Pacific region, working closely with governments and organizations to enhance their cyber capabilities”.

The CMM review will evaluate Fiji’s national capacity to manage complex cyber risks and enhance its cyber defense framework.