Six new cases in the West with no COVID deaths reported

March 17, 2023 6:26 am

Six new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Western Division, while the Central, Northern, and Eastern Divisions have reported nil cases.

The Health Ministry confirmed that there were no new COVID-19 deaths.

The ministry states that although there were no direct admissions due to COVID-19, two patients admitted for other diseases have tested positive for the virus.

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This is due to the high level of community transmission, which has led to a large number of people testing positive before hospital admission.

The team is focusing on implementing COVID safe measures for those vulnerable to the severe effects of COVID-19, including measures in hospitals, old people’s homes, and facilities catering to disabled persons.

According to the statement, the ministry is also planning to escalate screening protocols and masking for staff, patients, and visitors, and visitor restrictions will remain in place.