Giorgio Armani catwalk blooms with florals at Milan Fashion Week

February 27, 2024 4:33 pm

[Source: Reuters]

Florals bloomed on the catwalk at Giorgio Armani, adorning winter outfits and accessories as the veteran Italian designer presented his latest collection for his main line at Milan Fashion Week.

Armani, affectionately known as King Giorgio in Italy, opened the autumn/winter 2024 womenswear show, called “Winter Flowers”, with fluid looks in light grey and brown – jackets and trousers, accessorised with floral blue scarves or sashes.

The floral theme was omnipresent in the show with floral prints or embroidery adorning jackets, dresses, blouses, hats and bags.

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Floral prints or embroidery in pink, blue and green added colour to dark creations in blue or black.

“The flowers are a sign of a better season coming and I really liked the contrast – there are no flowers in winter, I created them,” Armani, 89, told reporters.

For the evening, sequined floral embroidery shimmered on jackets, sheer tops and dresses.

Armani closed the show with a selection of strapless frocks with sparkling flower decorations.

The designer presented the latest collection for his second line, Emporio Armani, on Thursday.

Milan Fashion Week runs until Monday, with editors and buyers then heading to Paris for the last leg of the month-long seasonal catwalk calendar.