New CEO for SPX

June 11, 2024 5:43 am

Sheraj Obeyesekere, new Chief Executive of SPX

The South Pacific Stock Exchange yesterday announced the appointed a new Chief Executive who will take the SPX in a new direction.

Sheraj Obeyesekere was appointed following an extensive process.

He brings in a wealth of experience having worked 12 years across the corporate sector.

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He has also worked extensively in Australia and Sri Lankan stock exchange.

The SPX Chief executive adds that he is looking forward to engaging with the board and continuing the good work that’s already been done.

“So, looking forward to working with the board to implement that. And also had an interesting meeting with the governor today and got some insights as to the priorities of the regulator as well.”

Obeyesekere says that the board has in place a vast and diverse strategic plan that covers multiple aspects of why the board wants to grow the stock exchange.

He also states that he is looking forward to focusing on educating investors, the public and also companies about the benefits that the stock market can offer.

The CEO says he is looking forward to taking a look at the rules and policies at the SPX and ensuring that improvements can be made where its needed in terms of increasing the standard and aligning it with international best practices.