Natural Disaster

NDMO updates partners on disaster preparedness

April 23, 2024 11:47 am

The National Disaster Management Office had an opportunity to showcase its efforts in disaster preparedness and response to its partners through an organized visit by the US Congress members and its staff yesterday.

As part of the visit, eight dignitaries toured the NDMO warehouse in Suva to witness our humanitarian and disaster preparedness capabilities.

Disaster Management Minister, Sakiasi Ditoka acknowledged the support from partners, saying it is invaluable in Fiji’s context of disaster management.

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“Disasters, whether they be natural or man-made, often transcend borders and require a coordinated response that spans sectors and disciplines. By fostering partnerships at local, national, and international levels, we can enhance our collective resilience and capacity to mitigate the impact of disasters.”

Ditoka says the importance of such support cannot be overstated, as Fiji and the Pacific continues to grapple with the escalating global climate crisis.

He adds multilateral partnerships are essential to strengthen and maintain resilience, and the collaboration underpins localized initiatives that will benefit all Fijians.

The Minister further says that the visit serves as a powerful symbol of the tangible partnerships and collaborative efforts that are at the core of their collective mission.