FRA collaborates with SCC to address drainage issues

February 9, 2024 4:00 pm

The Fiji Roads Authority says it will need the Drainage Reticulation maps from the Suva City Council to ascertain capacity and major improvements to the current drainage system.

Responding to questions sent by FBC News regarding drainage blockage issues in the capital city, the FRA states that it has set up a working committee with the Council.

Furthermore, the FRA says that it will need to hold discussions with the SCC to determine a way forward as the roads are formally under the jurisdiction of the Council.

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The FRA adds that it will need to review the reticulation plans and explore the best ways to maintain this system.

Suva City Council Special Administrators Chair, Tevita Boseiwaqa, earlier suggested the need to review the Drainage Master Plan.

While the FRA agrees with this, it emphasizes the importance of careful planning.

The FRA has prioritized the investigation and maintenance of the drainage system and will explore ways to address and upgrade the drainage structure.

To protect businesses from future flooding, the FRA says it will ensure periodic maintenance of the drainage system.