Education Ministry urges vigilance

March 15, 2024 12:04 pm

Permanent Secretary for Education, Selina Kuruleca

The Permanent Secretary for Education, Selina Kuruleca, has advised that schools remain open today despite the current adverse weather conditions throughout the country.

This decision was made after close consultation with the National Disaster Management Office.

Kuruleca is reminding parents to stay informed about weather conditions in their area and to take necessary precautions.

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The National Disaster Management Office reported heavy rainfall last night and predicted more heavy rain in some parts of the country.

PS Education advises all parents and guardians to be vigilant and ensure the safety of their children during intense weather conditions and flooding.

All Head of Schools and School Management Committees are reminded to ensure their schools are secure.

Kuruleca affirms that the Ministry is working with the Senior Management Staff on ways to compensate for the lost teaching and learning contact hours due to these unforeseen circumstances.

She reminds all parents to follow the weather news and says the Ministry will liaise with NDMO before making any decisions.