Other sports eye weightlifting with interest

March 2, 2024 12:34 pm

Zion Tokona [Source: Supplied]

A large number of athletes from various sports have shown their interest in trying out weightlifting.

This has been revealed by Weightlifting Fiji national coach Henry Elder.

Elder says many of these athletes, particularly those from team sports, have come to the realization that their medal prospects could be much higher if they join weightlifting.

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He says one classic example is Zion Tokona, a triathlon athlete from Marist Brothers High School, who shattered three records in the Oceania Championships in Samoa and Auckland.

“This is one sport that can achieve results, we have shown it in the past and we are showing it now and we will continue to show it in the future that weightlifting is something that can win medals for the country and is also something that can be a bright future for young aspiring athletes.”

Elder adds that other athletes from Rugby League and Union, swimming and track and field athletes have reached out to him via messaging apps to show their interest.

Meanwhile, Weightlifting Fiji is gearing up to host the Commonwealth Championships in September.