Gollings eyes overseas talents for Olympic three-peat

January 5, 2024 5:06 pm

Fiji 7s team coach, Ben Gollings

Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team coach, Ben Gollings, says they may rope in five overseas-based players as they aim for a three-peat at the Olympic Games in Paris.

Gollings expresses confidence in this strategy, emphasizing the need for a formidable squad as they gear up for the challenge.

He discloses that they have already identified potential players from abroad who will join the squad, providing them with crucial game time to integrate seamlessly into the team dynamics.

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“I guess it’s up to them to see where their selection lies, there’s no guarantees, we know the quality of the players but it’s about making sure they are ready come that time. Like I’ve said before we are not going to look at too many.”

While focusing on international recruits, Gollings hasn’t overlooked the talent closer to home.

He expresses interest in some of the Drua players, though he acknowledged the complexities involved, especially concerning club commitments.

As the quest for a three-peat on the Olympic stage unfolds, Gollings stresses the hard work ahead for the Fiji 7s team.

The Olympic Games will be held in July.

Meanwhile, their first task this season is the Perth 7s later this month.