MILO joins Drua Vuvale

February 22, 2023 12:20 pm

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua today announced its partnership with MILO for the 2023 Shop & Save Super Rugby season.

Nestle Fiji General Manager Tim Inkster says the sponsorship is a natural fit for MILO and they see it as a great way to grow their involvement in rugby as the partnership enters its second year.

He adds they are thrilled to be able to support the Drua alongside the rest of Fiji.

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“Working with the Fijian Drua is a great way to grow involvement into rugby and continue that long association with the sport and equally our second year with Drua. So we’re thrilled for us to join again with Drua.“

The Drua is in its second year of collaboration with Nestle, the first being with Maggi last season and now with MILO.

According to Fijian Drua’s chief executive Mark Evans this new partnership with Nestle is exciting and will appeal to their younger fans.

“I’ve said on a couple other occasions, all sport clubs need their commercial partners and all sports clubs needs some longevity with their partners. We’re a very young team we’re a very young brand. But its really imp[ortant that we don’t have to churn everything every year., that we have to find new partners, coaches and players every year. You’ll never win anything like that.“

The Drua will play its first match of the season against Moana Pasifika on Saturday at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland.

You can catch all the Drua matches LIVE on FBC Sports HD Channel.