Drua Women to work on better execution

April 11, 2024 8:54 am

Rooster Chicken Fijian Drua Women’s coach Mosese Rauluni emphasizes their focus on improving execution and applying pressure on opponents in the upcoming Super W final round this weekend.

He highlights this as a key area for improvement, especially ahead of their crucial match against the Melbourne Rebels.

“Last weekend we had fourteen entries into their 22 and we only executed I think four times so a lot of the times we dropped the ball so we got to hold on and be more patient with the ball and come away with the points and that was the big thing we talked about at the start of this week.”

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He adds that they have talked about areas of concern as a team and are looking forward to positive outcome this weekend.

The Fijian Drua currently sit in second place on the points ladder having three of four games with 13 points.

They trail behind the Waratahs who lead with 20 points.

The Drua and Melbourne Rebels will clash at 7.05pm this Saturday.

You can watch it LIVE on the FBC Sports HD channel.