AFL Super 18 postponed

July 11, 2024 6:35 am

[Source: AFL Fiji/ Facebook]

Australian Football League Fiji talent academy manager and development officer Loata Vakausausa says the competition that was scheduled to begin this weekend has been moved to a later date due to miscommunication regarding the venue.

She confirmed this to FBC Sports and adds that it has been postponed to the first week of next month.

Vakausausa adds this has also worked in their favour as they hope to get more female teams to register for the competition.

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“For females, we actually have two senior teams and our academy girls and my main focus is on the senior teams since there is only two available, before COVID we had six female teams so it has been kind of hard because this is actually the year after COVID where we have to put the competition back in place.”

She notes the increase in interest in the sport especially in the men’s category.

Vakausausa adds it will be great to have more women’s teams in the competition.

The Super 18 League will begin on the first week of August.