Uluisila team confident of winning the Sanatan tournament

March 31, 2024 7:44 am

A Nadroga province team has classed itself as an underdog while showcasing a thrilling performance on the field at the 62nd Sanatan tournament that is currently happening at Subrail Park Labasa.

The Uluisila Sanatan team put on excellent results after beating Rewa 3-1 in the pool game and is optimistic about a fair competition.

Coach Niteen Khant says that he is confident in the player’s performance so far, and their mission is to win the tournament.

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“Uluisila Sanatan came from a remote community in Sigatoka, but we have the likes and services of the very established and experienced players, national reps. We have the services of Mr. Anish Kem, Ashneel Raju, and a few other district reps who are on our side, and we are here to win this tournament, and we are confident that we will do so.”

He adds that despite the weather and a few changes made by the organizers regarding the game venue, the team continues to improve their performance.

Sanatan Fiji Sports President Sanjay Ram says that it has been a great game so far for all participating teams, with a lot of action from local and overseas players, and he is extending an invitation to the people of Labasa.

Meanwhile, due to the unfavorable weather in Labasa, a few of the scheduled matches were canceled, and the tournament venue was reduced to two.

However, the competition continues today, with the finals expected to be played tomorrow.